We are looking for exceptional:


Do you want to have your own international show or shop?

Apply below to be one of our beloved and legendary first adopters.

We will work closely with these selected stars to create a perfect channel with their own personal stylist, video / art director, die hard followers and more.

Send us your idea here and please surprise us!


Livestream Hosts

Do you love playing host and working with your iphone? 

Apply below to be one of fascinating and popular hosts for our livestreamers.

Suggest your own businesses or individuals to work with or we will pair you with the right Popshop Live Stars to create an awesome show.

Send us a short video introduction or sample of an interview and please surprise us!


Guidelines for Livestreaming

  1. Identify tools you will need for your show like an earpiece, microphone, tripod, lighting etc.

  2. Connect to wifi unless you have unlimited data.

  3. Check and style the background where you will be shooting.

  4. Shoot in airplane mode or your livestream might get interrupted.

  5. Orient your phone horizontally always or else you will have black lines on your shoot.

  6. Record test footage especially if you’re self shooting.

  7. Shoot 5 – 10 seconds of video and check the shot to make sure it looks as you desire, check sound, frame and lighting. Once you are happy with the shot, you’re ready to record.

  8. If you are using a tripod do not forget about the magic of taking details and close ups.

  9. Be yourself and expressive! Consider integrating fun hand gestures, cute facial expressions and unique ways to be engaging.

  10. Have a power cord handy just in case your phone needs juice.