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Robin Sukroso, Musician

ACPAD - The Electronic Orchestra starting from 310 USD

Pasha Setrova

Doll Artist
“When I was a child, I believed that dolls could come alive at night when nobody was looking. That's why I think, to sculpt dolls is so sacred to me. Everything I know, I known only because of my passion..."

Art, BDJ (Ball Joined Doll) starting at 800 USD

Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov (On The Roof)

City Climbers.
We are 21 and 25 year old photographers and urban explorers from Ukraine and Russia. We have climbed things like the Pyramid of Cheops, the Shanghai Tower and Stalin`s Seven Sister Building to name a few. We are climbing more and want to invite you along for the view. 

Invitation to join the climb and a photograph from the top starting at 5 USD

Jon Lazar (Just Jon)

Lego Artist.
I am a lego builder, and can be found online as JustJon. I build things with a technological bend like video game characters, arcade machines, computers and more.

Lego Sculptures starting at 5 USD

Brittany Barton

Sustainable, Healthy Living Cook
I am a wellness cook, writer and photographer behind Sparkle Kitchen follows the guiding principle that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and our food choices can be both nourishing and respectful of the environment. Learn how to cook delicious, healthy food with me and become a more sparkly versions of you! 

Classes and Cookbook starting at 14.99 USD

Justin Giunta

Jewelry Designer
Subversive Jewelry plays with the baroque philosophy that more is more. Each piece is handcrafted, mixed with the idea of modern deconstruction in fashion. “I design each piece of jewelry with a concept behind it so it is both a beautiful and engaging.” 

Custom-Made Jewelry

Jonna Twigg

Twiggs Bindery
My modern atelier is located in the heart of Brooklyn`s cultural district specializing in handmade luxury journals, notebooks, custom editions and albums. Twigg`s Bindery is an eco-conscious manufacturer and every single book is handmade in our Brooklyn workshop.

Brooklyn Custom-Made Books starting at 20 USD

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