Q1. What is Popshop Live?

Popshop Live is a storytelling platform for creators with passionate products. It allows you the opportunity to engage with your audience in a totally personal and innovative way by hosting your own show on our app and interacting in ways that your website or still photos just cannot. This is a way for the audience to get a story along with the products they love.

Q2. How did Popshop Live begin?

Like all great ideas it began as a tiny thought of how could small businesses or creators get their ideas or products out to the world without having to put as much thought into upkeeping their website or taking the “perfect Instagram photo”.

Q3. How do I become a seller?

We curate sellers from all over who have a great story to tell and invite them to do a casting test run with us in order to get familiarized with the app and to see if they’re a good fit on camera as they are off camera. We’re looking for sellers to be their most authentic self and share their stories as well as their amazing products. Becoming a seller on Popshop Live is simple. We believe in just being yourself.

Q4. Is Popshop Live right for my brand?

We believe that the merchants who benefit most from Popshop Live are those who are great with live, personal communication in-store; ie, offline selling, but are not equally passionate about the available online experiences. They find it really time consuming and impersonal to take the right photo in perfect lighting and write the most engaging and attractive caption. Live streaming on Popshop Live takes away all this pain by providing a platform for unfiltered and effortless customer engagement.

Q5. How do I start selling?

. After signing up to the app, click the ‘Broadcast’ button on the upper right corner.
. Press the ‘+’ button to start adding listings. All you need is the product name, a photo, and the price.
. Click ‘Start A Broadcast’ to begin your live show.    
. Share your listing in the live conversation to promote your product by swiping right. 
You can also check out this step by step video on our Instagram [@popshoplivehow][1].

Q6. What happen after I make a sale?

Popshop automatically generates a shipping label and sends it to the seller after a sale has been made.

Q7. Who will pay for the shipping?

The buyers will pay for a $5.99 standard 2 business day shopping when they make a purchase.

Q8. What happen after I make a sale?

Popshop automatically generates a shipping label and sends it to the seller after a sale has been made.

Q9. How do I get paid?

After you make a sale on Popshop Live, you can choose from bank wire transfer, Chase Quickpay, Venmo to receive your payments. Usually, you will receive your payments within 10 business days.

Q10. How does Popshop Live help my business?

As mentioned before, Popshop Live is the most effortless selling platform that allows direct selling to a live, interactive audience. Merchants have found different use cases to increase sales and build their audience on our platform, such as: demonstrating the product in real time, broadcasting the making process, hosting a live Q&A session, hosting flash sales event, and more. Popshop Live is the only online marketplace where users shop and browse by person and not by product.

Q11. What if I manage my inventory on an independent system?

We are working on integrating Popshop Live with most of the inventory management systems to provide a seamless onboarding experience for sellers.

Q10. How do I learn Popshop’s different features and how to sell more on it?

Our team with handhold you up to your first live stream to get you familiarized with the features of our app for a better selling experience.

Q12. What if I have a question that’s not answered here?

You can always reach out to live@popshop.live and one of our team members will cover your concerns and inquiries.