Popshop.live is a mobile, live-streaming marketplace where businesses and creators can host their own live shows and sell directly to their audience.

You can apply to become a seller on Popshop.live here.

We do our best to review all new seller and creator applications within 24 hours/1 day.

All you need is an iOS or Android device, or your laptop (using our web app).

You’re able to request a payout after your orders have been shipped. It takes 1-2 business days to receive your funds.

There are no go live or listing fees on Popshop.live, we just take a 6% fee on your total sales.

Sellers will be charged 3% for payment processing (subtotal + tax + shipping).

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Popshop.live is only available in the United States. More countries coming soon.

Popshop.live is available on iOS and Android devices. Our web app can be accessed at popshop.live/discovery.

You can download Popshop.live at the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices. Our web app can be accessed at popshop.live/discovery.

You must be 12+ to download the app. We are working on age-appropriate access for certain shows, but for now, we recommend keeping your content and products suitable for all ages.

We will be in contact with you via email to give you more information on how to set up your store and host shows on Popshop.live.

We will let you know via email if your seller application is unsuccessful. Typically applications are not approved if we’re unable to understand your business or what you are selling and where. Make sure you share as much information as possible in your application. You can re-apply if your application is unsuccessful.

We provide training and how to guides for sellers to help with setting up their store and preparing for and marketing their first live show. We also provide audience engagement metrics that help sellers strive for success and growth in future shows.

To maximize your audience size, we recommend bringing your existing social followers and other communities across to watch your show. Having a pre-existing audience helps reinforce your store’s credibility and gets everyone excited for your shows.

Popshop.live can support 10k to 100k concurrent viewers per stream. If you are worried about capacity, we can cap your total number of viewers. We also have the ability to host private shows, VIP ticketed shows or 1:1 consultations.

We recommend a minimum show time of 1 hour to give your audience time to log in and enjoy your show. It’s common for sellers to go live up to 7 hours. (Some go live for 24 hours!)
During a live show, customers can browse your products and make purchases using Apple Pay, a credit card, or a debit card—they’ll continue to hear your show’s audio as they step through a simple, two-tap checkout process. We recommend that sellers advise their viewers to set up their payment details in their profile at the beginning of a show. This avoids disappointment if a product sells out quickly.
When a product is purchased you will see an animation pop up onscreen once the payment is completed. You will also see a purchase notification in the comments thread and a change in quantity will be reflected in your inventory. A “Sold Out” label will show up if the quantity of a product reaches 0 (you can restock a product at any point during the show by increasing its quantity).
Yes, your customers will receive an email from Popshop.live with their order confirmation after your show has ended. They will also see “Purchases” listed in their profile where they can check the shipping status of their orders.
You can find an order summary in your profile, listing of all your orders. You can also select any open orders and print their shipping labels and packing slips.
Sellers can access sales and engagement stats immediately after each show via our online web dashboard: the portal to manage your Popshop.live seller account. Details such as likes, orders, viewers, and total earnings for the show can be viewed here. We will also email a post-show wrap up after each show with stats and recommendations to help your performance.
We offer a customizable approach to shipping. Sellers are able to customize their open box period, their shipping package template, as well as the cost customers pay for shipping.
Shipping is paid by customers when they purchase items from your show. You, the seller, will now be responsible for purchasing shipping labels.
Popshop.live is currently only available to customers and sellers within the United States. We plan to offer international shipping in the near future.
We recommend sellers ship orders 1-3 days after the show has finished. Payout will be available once the order has been shipped, and the “Available Balance” in your profile will be updated.
Payout will be available as you have shipped your order—if you have multiple orders, we recommend to simplify the process and complete these all at once. Simply log into the Popshop.live app and request the withdrawal to your bank account.

As of JULY 18TH 2023 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST Popshop.live will not only be collecting sales tax on your behalf, but also remitting sales tax for you.

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