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Popshoplive is a creator commerce platform that empowers creative individuals to launch and grow their businesses without any upfront costs. Start selling in minutes and turn your passion into profit with our comprehensive suite of tools and services.

Everything You Need to Slay!

  1. Product Sourcing
    Over 100,000 items to choose from. Curate your store with zero hassle – make it your original collection!

  2. Online Storefront
    Easy checkout and payments. Your personal shop ready in no time, and you accept all credit cards + Apple Pay

  3. Shoppable Videos
    Those cool Reels and TikToks you do? Make them shoppable with clickable overlays. See views turn into sales.

  4. Live Streaming
    Go live, show off your products, and sell directly from the stream.

  5. Insta Integration
    Post on Insta and auto-respond to comments with shoppable DMs. Drive traffic to your Popshoplive store.
Rhea Akolkar - Testimonial about Popshoplive
Popshoplive helped convert every #GRWM video I do for fun, into money machines for me...
Rhea Akolkar Creator/Designer

How it works

Get Selling in Minutes

  1. 🎬 Sign Up: Join Popshoplive and set up your store in less than 15 minutes.

  2. 👗 Curate Products: Pick from our massive catalog to personalize your collection and create your niche

  3. 🎁 Order Samples: Sample clothing, gadgets, accessories, makeup – available at massive discounts for you.
    (💝Free for creators with over 100K followers)

  4. 🎞️ Create Content: Use your samples to make awesome viral pics/vids 

  5. 👉 Drive Traffic: Share your content on social media and bring followers to your store using our social automation tools

  6. 😇 Zero Friction Selling: No app downloads or sign-ups needed and buyers can use 1-click Apple Pay.

Delight your community and build a thriving creative business


Choose from thousands of retail-quality products you can pick and start selling right away. We’ll handle the headache of end-to-end logistics so that you can focus on the fun stuff.

Conversion enhancing gamification!

Elevate your engagement by making the most of these gamification features.

Frequently asked

Popshoplive is only available in the United States. More countries coming soon.

To start selling on e.Commerce you don’t need to get any samples. If you want to make Reels/Shoppable videos you may need samples to create them with. 

Currently we have over 500 brands and counting. We also source products directly from manufacturers, so we can get your massive margins!

There are two types of sellers on Popshoplive. If you just sell from our catalog of goods, you don’t need to have a business registration. You do need a registered business to sell your own goods.

We provide training and how to guides for sellers to help with setting up their store, curating products, creating content and more. If you are based in California, we also provide free training and studio space for content creation at our Santa Monica studios.

When you add products from our catalog, you will see clearly how much money you can make per sale.  You Seller dashboard will also contain details such as likes, orders, viewers, and total earnings and a lot more.

As a Creator (selling from our catalog) you get paid every 2 weeks. Once you start selling > 10,000 per week, you can also get paid weekly. You will see exactly how much money you are making at any time in your dashboard.

You make between 20-60% margin on each item sold. You have complete control over pricing of the products you sell. We charge 6% of your sales as fees and some minimal platform fees to provide product sourcing, customer support, return management etc – which keeps your life hassle free! We ONLY make money if you make money, you never pay penny out of pocket.